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The NEW High Definition systems and equipment are capable of recording video ABOVE 1080P HD. Resolutions span the range of 0.3 Megapixel (High Resolution Analog Equivalent) to 10.0 Megapixel (3.0 Megapixel is 1 step higher than 1080P HD). Theses systems are 100% Digital, no analog to digital conversions. These systems are expandable and upgradeable in terms of camera inputs and video storage. The video is accessible on the Local Network and Internet through more computer platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, as well as mobile devices. These Quality High Definition Systems are reliable, maintenance free, and awesome capabilities. Click the "High Definition Video Systems" heading for more information.
All of the Analog systems and equipment that we use are High Resolution systems, which means the camera resolutions are 600Lines or more. The video feeds are recorded digitally to dedicated systems that are designed and built for Video Surveillance. The video is accessible through computer software on the Local Network or Internet. These Quality systems are reliable, maintenance free, and have excellent features. Click the "High Resolution Analog Video Systems" heading for more information.
There are different styles and types of cameras and equipment available. We have photos of various styles of cameras, such as Dome, Bullet, Semi-Covert, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Etc. that can help show how something is going to look installed.
HAAS TECHNOLOGIES can get just about any make and manufacture piece of equipment available, some we prefer and some we absolutely stay away from.
Click the "Equipment Types & Manufactures" heading for more information.
Here you can see how various resolutions and products perform Side-by-Side. We do extensive testing in real world scenarios in order to find out how equipment really performs. No funny business with lighting or recording at different times, enhancement, simulated images, or anything like that. When we recommend a piece of equipment for am area, we are confident how that piece of equipment will perform. If equipment doesn't do well in our internal tests, then it will never make it in to our Client's systems. This is because we are all about quality and reliability. Click the "Side By Side Comparisons" heading for more information.
At HAAS TECHNOLOGIES we never use any "simulated" images of equipment or equipment performance. All screen captures, software layouts, or photography of installed equipment is actual equipment in use by our clients or ourselves. The only alterations to any screen capture will be a redaction of information. This could include a System Name, Physical Location, IP Address, and/or Camera Name. To protect various clients, systems installed in sensitive locations were removed from the software prior to taking any screen capture. Click the "Screen Captures" heading for more information.
What does an Alarm System actually provide other than calling the Police or Fire department at the start of the event? There is no more information to anyone other than Event "X" started at "X" time at "X" location. There is no more information leading up to the event, during the event itself, or after the event. That information is extremely valuable for resolving who and what was involved in any event. Something to think about? Click the "False Sense of Protection" heading for more information.
There are tons of uses for camera equipment that have nothing to do with "Security". Our Systems are laid out and designed to help our clients manage their business. This includes traffic flow of product or customers, determining the efficiency of employees, process management, quality control, determining liability, and more. Click the "Commercial Uses & Benefits" heading for more information.
The Equipment and Systems we install do not require a Maintenance Contract because all Equipment and Installation come with a Warranty. We choose stable Equipment from reliable manufactures that do not build high failure equipment. A Maintenance Contract is an admission to possible substandard, low quality equipment, materials, poor installation technique, or installation quality. Click the "Maintenance Contracts" heading for more information.
To assist our clients and potential clients with an affordable payment solution, we have partnered with Marlin Leasing to provide that solution. Click the "Business Financing" heading for more information.
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None of the Equipment or System(s) that we install are connected to any type of Alarm System, Fire System, or System used to signal the
presence of any Emergency Services. This Equipment or System(s) are completely stand-alone and are for surveillance purposes only.
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