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When people think of Surveillance Systems, the first thing that typically comes to mind is Security. Most Integrators/Service Providers take the same approach when meeting with clients and designing or selling systems.

At Haas Technologies we provide quality reliable business systems geared for Business Management. We want our clients to use their systems every day as another management tool in their business toolbox, like E-Mail or Quickbooks. Our systems are designed and built with the needs and expectations our clients are looking for today as well as room for future system growth. If a client says they are looking for an 8 camera entry level High Definition solution with 30 days of storage, we will provide them with what they are looking for as a minimum. We looks at a client's location and expectations of performance with more of a long term growth and expansion lens. This allows us to provide systems that are scalable beyond today's needs or capabilities.

During our design process, we are looking at industry trends in terms of equipment and capabilities. This coupled with our IT background, allows use to provide solutions that will save our clients money down the road. Because our NVR Servers are Field Serviceable, we can make upgrades, changes, and/or repairs very quickly with very little downtime.

Some of the industries we have installed systems for are Day Care, Restaurant, Assisted Living, Concrete Plants, Aggregate Plants, Shipping Facilities, Trucking and Distribution Facilities, Gated Communities, Home Owner Associations, Property Management Companies, Retail Establishments, Fitness Facilities, Health Care, and High End Residential. Here are some of the ways our clients use their systems we have installed for them.

Traffic Flow - Vehicles, people, material through machinery, or product loaded/unloaded/sold. Know what time someone arrived on-site or left the premise. It can be a vehicle driving through a Gate, Checkpoint, or Weigh Station. It could also be someone entering through a doorway, Sensitive, or Secure area. Live monitoring of materials or product moving through a plant or manufacturing process.

Process Management / Quality Control - Business relies on quality control and process adherence in order to maintain a certain level of production, cleanliness, or safety. Lack of adherence can result in all types of negative results, which could include employee/customer injury, manufacturing equipment failure, process failure, contamination of product, etc. Live viewing can provide real time feedback and awareness. Recorded video is ready for review at a later time if an event or issue occurs.

Determining Liability - When there are employees and customers on your premise, there are many thing that can happen. Some under your control. Some outside of your control. In the event something happens or someone claims something is your fault or the fault of an employee, the video can be reviewed to accurately tell the story. This can prove/disprove claims of injury, fault, liability, neglect, partnership, collusion, etc. Having this powerful tool on your side can save thousands of dollars on court costs, the company name, and reputation.

Safety Compliance - Are you're employees or contractors following safety protocols while working on-site? In the event of an accident or incident, recorded video can show if safety protocols, standards, or requirements have been adhered to. This ties directly in to Determining Liability.

Employee Training - With audio and/or video recording during business hours, management can provide current and future employees with videos of real world scenarios and events that have occurred on-site. This can be invaluable for preventing future issues from occurring again or to show other employees how an event or crisis was handled properly.

Efficiency of Employees - What are your employees doing? Are they working or screwing around? When employees are not being productive, business ultimately suffers. Video can document what is going on and when. If there is training or discipline needed, the video documentation is readily available.

Environmental Awareness - Sensors and contacts can be installed that can monitor Temperatures or switch positions in various locations. With that information, notifications can be sent if various thresholds are reached along with operating fans, heater, or other powered equipment. If the client location is sensitive to weather, cameras along with weather instruments can provide real time information for that location.

Remote Awareness - Have the ability to remotely access your site for viewing Live or Recorded video. The system can also be integrated in to Access Control systems for remote locking and unlocking doors and access points. Depending on the system, this can be done via free dedicated Client Software, any web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE), and today's smart phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle). NOTE: Any remote Internet access requires a Broadband Internet connection.

Reduce/Deter Vandalism - With a quality robust Video Surveillance system present on-site, people with ill intentions will typically move somewhere else. Somewhere they can act without their actions being documented, recorded, or being recognized.

Record License Plates - Recording the License Plates of vehicles entering or leaving an area for documentation. In the event that something does happen on a client's premise, having the ability to go back and pull that information can be tremendously helpful for the client as well as Law Enforcement. LPR (License Plate Recognition) integration could also be used for Access Control for Dedicated or Secured Parking Areas.

Security - Finally, of course.

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