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The Security/Surveillance Industry loves Maintenance Contracts. Why do we not believe in them?

The reason Haas Technologies doesn't offer, require, or push Maintenance Contracts with our systems is because we work very hard to test and choose stable Equipment from quality manufactures that are leaders in the industry. The manufactures we use and recommend do not build high failure equipment and come with a Warranty. If a manufacture loses it's quality standard, we will stop using and recommending their equipment immediately. All manufactures have issues as they refine products and services. How they work with their clients on resolving the issues is what matters to us. The equipment we custom build, such as our Video Servers and other custom equipment, come with a Warranty.

With this knowledge, why would an Integrator/Service Provider push you to signing a Maintenance Contract?

There can be several reasons for doing this. One reason could be because they are just trying to get a monthly payment for something that is already covered under some type of Warranty. Another reason could be because they are possibly using sub-standard or low quality equipment, labor, materials, poor installation technique, or installation quality.

We are not here to get signed contracts, but to provide clients with quality reliable solutions that best fits their needs and usage goals. No more. No less. We know that a happy client will not hesitate to call us if they need anything at all and will gladly refer us to others who are in need.

We are also very aware that there are some extreme circumstances where a client would require us to perform some sort of maintenance on equipment installed in extremely harsh environments. Environments that would cause loss of image quality or loss of reliability of any electronics. Environments such as extreme vibration, heat, fine debris, smoke, dirt, or in combination with some other difficult environmental factor. In those cases, we are more than happy to come out on a regular schedule or when ever the client requests. Still no contract. The client is invoiced Time and Material.

To us, no contracts means we have to earn the right to keep your bussiness everytime we show up.

Hard work. Honesty. Integrity. Quality.

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