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Because not all clients can afford to pay cash or have the means of financing an entire project, we have partnered up with a finance company to help our potential and existing clients. This gives us the ability to potentially financing project ranging from $2500.00 to over $50,000.00.

There are many benefits to financing a project through someone else. Some of those include, tax write-offs, keeping more "cash on hand", depreciation, etc... If considering financing, be sure to consult with your Accountants and Tax Professionals up-to-date advice and recommendations.

Financing plans can range from 12 months to 60 months with 1 or 2 months Deposit (depending on the plan) and no penalties for early payoff. If a client is already in the middle of financing a project and they are looking to expand, there typically isn't a problem adding to an existing account or existing financing schedule.

An example of how affordable a project can be. A recent project (Proposal Dated 11/2012) had a project cost of $28,062.00. If the client was going to pay cash, the Total Project Cost would be broken in to 3 payments. The Final Payment would be due upon the physical completion of the project. With the possibility of financing, the costs suddenly become very affordable. At the time of the Proposal Date, 11/2012, here is what the payments would look like for the various lengths of terms.

12 Mo. = $2,426.16   /   24 Mo. = $2,540.49   /   36 Mo. = $1,768.18   /   48 Mo. = $1,422.67   /   60 Mo. = $1,204.19

The financing company that we partnered with is Marlin Financing. I have more information in the section below. Click the "Marlin Financing" heading below to go directly to their website.
Marlin Business Services Corp is a nationwide provider of commercial financing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Marlin has been around since 1997 and has extended $3 Billion in financing programs to equipment dealers, manufactures, resellers, distributors, and their clients.

Marlin's Mission Statement
Marlin Business Services Corp. is a company of dedicated employees committed to the delivery of quality credit products to small and mid-size businesses with exceptional customer service and convenience...one customer at a time.

Every Proposal HAAS TECHNOLOGIES provides, automatically includes the financing schedule ranging from 12-60 months. We have integrated Marlin's calculators with ours to get seamless pricing and quotes to our potential and existing clients. We typically do all of the initial legwork for our clients, freeing up their time. Once everything is ready, all that's needed is document signing and that's it.

If you have any specific questions for Marlin Financing, you are more than welcome to contact our account representative.
            Rene Vaca: (888) 479-9111 Ext 3228

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