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Alarm and Security companies are quick to get you signed up on their monthly monitoring contract. These contracts are self-renewing and difficult to get out of with all kinds of catches and hooks. Does that alarm system really "protect" you in the same context it was sold to you?

Below are Texas Department of Public Safety 2010 Crime Report Statistics covering Successful Arrest/Clearance Rates.
As per Chapter 2 Page 8 & 10 - Index Crime By Volume and Index Crime Clearance Rates

            Murder - 1,248 Offenses, 78% Cleared
            Rape - 7,626 Offenses, 44% Cleared
            Robbery - 32,865 Offenses, 27% Cleared
            Aggravated Assault - 71,561 Offenses, 56% Cleared
            Burglary - 229,269 Offenses, 10% Cleared
            Larceny/Theft - 654,483 Offenses, 18% Cleared
            Motor Vehicle Theft - 68,219 Offenses, 12% Cleared

These rates are not very promising. We know that Law Enforcement is working as hard as they can with the tools and information provided to them. Most businesses don't have quality reliable High Definition Video Systems, but older end-of-life Analog Video Systems poorly designed and poorly installed with the standard Alarm/Security System. Below are a few important questions you should consider asking yourself about your Alarm/Security System.

       1.  Will your Alarm/Security System provide you with a High Definition picture or video of who or what happened?
       2.  Will your Alarm/Security System tell you what happened before, during, or after the alarm was triggered?
       3.  Will your Alarm/Security System provide any real evidence that can used by Law Enforcement agencies?
       4.  Will your Alarm/Security System allow you see any event on or around your premises in HD?
       5.  Will your Alarm/Security System prove or disprove any claim of liability, negligence, or fault?
       6.  Will your Alarm/Security System help with employee theft or product or company time?
       7.  Will your Alarm/Security System allow you to remotely view your business in HD on just about any digital platform?

If you didn't answer "Yes" to any of these questions, then we suggest to give us a call or research what solutions we have to offer. We have Business Financing and no Maintenance Contracts. Our contact information is below.
The 2010 Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Clock as per Chapter 2 Page 11. Below the 2010 Crime Clock data is the direct link to download Chapter 2, which is where we are quoting the stats from.

            One Murder - Every 7 Hours
            One Rape - Every 1 Hour
            One Robbery - Every 15 Minutes
            One Aggravated Assault - Every 7 Minutes
            One Burglary - Every 2 Minutes
            One Larceny/Theft - Every 48 Seconds
            One Motor Vehicle Theft - Every 7 Minutes

Click the "TX DPS Crime Information" heading to go directly to the TX DPS Crime Reports.
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